Monday, September 27, 2010


I seriously don't know why but every time I get on facebook I can spend hours and hours and HOURS on it!! WHY?! I seriously have no idea how I can spend so much time on this website! Not to mention whenever I am on facebook the time flys by, I get on and the next thing I know it has been two hours later and I ran out of time to do homework, or cook dinner, or read a book, or pay attentino in class. So crazy how much time you waste when I am on facebook!! I am thinking it is time to reset my priorities?! I think so!!! I deactivated it last week and I lasted 3 hours! NO JOKE!! I seriously have some issues!! I need to fix it. I am sure I am not the only one though, right now I am sitting in class (I am on facebook...naturally) and all the computers I see are on facebook. It is crazy how facebook has become a HUGE thing for everyone in the world basically!! I really think everyone has a love for facebook! Time to deactivate it.... hopefully it is longer than a couple hours my goal is for a week.... we will see if I can do it!