Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stars Hollow

How weird is it that I want to live in a fictional town from a TV show?! ... yeah I thought it would be a little weird but whatevs... For those of you who don't know Stars Hollow is a town from the show "Gilmore Girls" and yes I have been watching a good chunk of that show lately because my roommate let me borrow some of the seasons. I have seriously come to the realization that living in stars hollow would be so awesome! It is such a bummer that is fictional! Sad day it is indeed!.... that deserves a frown face :( !!! It is seriously such a cute town and small and everyone knows everyone and it is just such a perfect little town!! That is going to be my goal when I grow up... live in a town like stars hollow... k, adding it to my bucket list right now!! :)

... I mean come on... who wouldn't want to live here?!

Monday, July 4, 2011

"I'll pin that!"

Pinterest... addiction?


For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, it is website where they have pictures, recepies, do it yourself projects, cute clothes ideas, wedding ideas.... the list goes on!! Yeah it may sound like you wouldn't get addicted... but all I have to say is if you get one... there goes literally over half of your day... ok maybe I am exaggerating a little bit but in my opinion it is pretty close to be more addicting than facebook!

The point of this website is that you have your own "boards" that you make... for example, I have a home decor board, and a yummy snack and recipe board. So you go on to the main page and it has pictures after pictures of things that you will fall in love with... and ladies don't say you aren't addicted... because if you are girl that loves to be on top of fashion and being healthy you are addicted... no doubt!!

What I have come to realize about this drug of a website is that you can learn to do stuff you have never done before.... like I learned how to make the best wheat banana pancakes last night! Yes... I know I actually COOKED!! And they also have links to these amazing blogs that show you how to make stuff for your apartment that will save you a ton of money!!! This summer has been all about "pinning" and I am loving it!! It has given me great ideas for my room at arlington in the fall!!


Can I get a amen to that ladies?! :)

yes... i made this... delicious I know!