Monday, August 22, 2011

august tis one crazy month


A whirlwind of a month!! so busy... yet stressful... but also GREAT way to end the summer!!

We begin this great month with NATS (nationals!!!!!) How cool was that experience?! I honestly didn't even know what to expect. I guess I was going into the meet just like it was sectionals. Well I guess it kinda was... besides the fact that WORLD RECORD HOLDERS were there *cough-ryan lochte. But I felt so happy to be there and still in awe that I made it there! Honestly... never thought I would be here! Blessins fo sho! :) But it was overwhelming I felt so small compared to these completely toned and tanned bodies next to me and running me over in the warm up pool! HA! But it was cool! Pool was beautiful to swim in and it was fun to be in Cali with my teammates! And overall I did better than I thought... not to bad being out of the water for a month eh?! Now it has inspired me to eat maybe a little healthier?! Freak I want some of those swimmers bodies.... SO TONED! Ok new goal... right there! Done!

Here is the pool we swam in... ain't she gorgeous?! ;)

I also got to see one of my besties Kassy!! So great to see her and so excited for our Junior year!! HOLLA!!

I just moved into my new apartment at Arlington yup NBD! :) I love it so far! So nice!! It will be great to live with my wonderful teammates.... Marnie and Kass!!

Swimming starts soon.... school starts soon.... So crazy!! AND guess what?! Down to almost single digits... 9 months!! Y'all know what the countdown is for!!

This is a start off to a great year of... well... GREATNESS at it's finest!!

I'm gonna be a junior... WHAT?!