Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You ate my candy!

My mom showed me this video and I almost peed my pants... yeah... it was that funny!! I also think my mom and I found it so funny because I have a video that is almost identical to this!  All I have to ask is... Did your parents eat your halloween candy?! If so how did you react?!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I LOVE FALL! It is my favorite season in the whole entire world!!

Why I love fall.....

HUZZAH for Peacoat season!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

The major for me!!

When I came to BYU I honestly had no idea what I was going to major in! There was first thinking about nursing. Then realized that my forte was not in the math and sciences area due to my grades freshman year.... (oops) ;). I then tried PR. Took the intro to PR class and realized that it was too much paper work for me and decided that I need something that is a little more social...  for people that know me I need to be talking to people almost 24/7... besides sleeping of course. I was then looking into broadcasting. I did anchoring and that kind of stuff in my high school and LOVED it! But I never thought I could have the potential to get into the program here! It is ranked top 10 programs in the nation... I talked to my mom about it talked me into applying.... I mean what is there to lose right?! I turned in my application and let me just tell ya I was almost 100% confident that I wouldn't make it in. There were so many people that were applying and they were all so on top of things and I honestly just felt like I wasn't cut out for the major. When I got my letter... I opened it and all I say was "Congratulations".... I had to literally do a double.... wait no QUADRUPLE checked because I was so in shock! I GOT INTO THE PROGRAM! WHAT THE?! It was the most shocked I have ever been in my life.... ok that was a little dramatic but I was so happy! So now I guess I am going to be a broadcast major? SURE! I start taking classes in the winter and can't wait! I am so over generals and I am so happy that I actually have some idea what I am going to be doing with my life after college! ha! :) So that was for sure the highlight of my month! Just about a month in a half until this semester is over! SO STOKED!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

august tis one crazy month


A whirlwind of a month!! so busy... yet stressful... but also GREAT way to end the summer!!

We begin this great month with NATS (nationals!!!!!) How cool was that experience?! I honestly didn't even know what to expect. I guess I was going into the meet just like it was sectionals. Well I guess it kinda was... besides the fact that WORLD RECORD HOLDERS were there *cough-ryan lochte. But I felt so happy to be there and still in awe that I made it there! Honestly... never thought I would be here! Blessins fo sho! :) But it was overwhelming I felt so small compared to these completely toned and tanned bodies next to me and running me over in the warm up pool! HA! But it was cool! Pool was beautiful to swim in and it was fun to be in Cali with my teammates! And overall I did better than I thought... not to bad being out of the water for a month eh?! Now it has inspired me to eat maybe a little healthier?! Freak I want some of those swimmers bodies.... SO TONED! Ok new goal... right there! Done!

Here is the pool we swam in... ain't she gorgeous?! ;)

I also got to see one of my besties Kassy!! So great to see her and so excited for our Junior year!! HOLLA!!

I just moved into my new apartment at Arlington yup NBD! :) I love it so far! So nice!! It will be great to live with my wonderful teammates.... Marnie and Kass!!

Swimming starts soon.... school starts soon.... So crazy!! AND guess what?! Down to almost single digits... 9 months!! Y'all know what the countdown is for!!

This is a start off to a great year of... well... GREATNESS at it's finest!!

I'm gonna be a junior... WHAT?!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stars Hollow

How weird is it that I want to live in a fictional town from a TV show?! ... yeah I thought it would be a little weird but whatevs... For those of you who don't know Stars Hollow is a town from the show "Gilmore Girls" and yes I have been watching a good chunk of that show lately because my roommate let me borrow some of the seasons. I have seriously come to the realization that living in stars hollow would be so awesome! It is such a bummer that is fictional! Sad day it is indeed!.... that deserves a frown face :( !!! It is seriously such a cute town and small and everyone knows everyone and it is just such a perfect little town!! That is going to be my goal when I grow up... live in a town like stars hollow... k, adding it to my bucket list right now!! :)

... I mean come on... who wouldn't want to live here?!

Monday, July 4, 2011

"I'll pin that!"

Pinterest... addiction?


For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, it is website where they have pictures, recepies, do it yourself projects, cute clothes ideas, wedding ideas.... the list goes on!! Yeah it may sound like you wouldn't get addicted... but all I have to say is if you get one... there goes literally over half of your day... ok maybe I am exaggerating a little bit but in my opinion it is pretty close to be more addicting than facebook!

The point of this website is that you have your own "boards" that you make... for example, I have a home decor board, and a yummy snack and recipe board. So you go on to the main page and it has pictures after pictures of things that you will fall in love with... and ladies don't say you aren't addicted... because if you are girl that loves to be on top of fashion and being healthy you are addicted... no doubt!!

What I have come to realize about this drug of a website is that you can learn to do stuff you have never done before.... like I learned how to make the best wheat banana pancakes last night! Yes... I know I actually COOKED!! And they also have links to these amazing blogs that show you how to make stuff for your apartment that will save you a ton of money!!! This summer has been all about "pinning" and I am loving it!! It has given me great ideas for my room at arlington in the fall!!


Can I get a amen to that ladies?! :)

yes... i made this... delicious I know!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Life Changing Adventure

First off... hello! It has been FOREVER I know! Wow the things I have been doing with my life the past 2 months!! I am back in provo going to school and working and swimming... aka no life... but you know what... its ok! I am broke and I need the money and my summer was already made!

So as many people know I went to Quito, Ecuador for a month. As the title says... it was a life changing experience for me! Before I went I was so excited to live in a different country and just see what it was like and yeah I would be volunteering at an orphanage which I was really stoked about but I honestly did not know what to expect.

So the people who haven't been to Quito when you first get there it is just so busy... people everywhere, crazy drivers and a city. It is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world well... to me at least! Green and hilly and colorful buildings all over the place! And the cheapest coolest stuff that you could never find anywhere else.

Ok enough about the city... driving to the orphanage for the first time was intriguing our driver Pablo is... lets just say a very VERY aggressive driver I was a little nervous if I was going to make it to the orphanage! Haha! But I did get used to it fast... was very different coming back to the US to calm drivers and people actually stopping at the stoplight.

When I first stepped into the orphanage I just hear all of these little voices. I walk into Sala 3 (one of the three rooms of the orphanage-- the room with the oldest ninos) and I just see all of them in their cribs with their pj's on and just smiling and so excited to see the volunteers. I then walk next door to Sala 2 (the crawlers) to say hi to them and then went to Sala 1 where my first shift was and I see all of these little babies ages 1 month to 10 months... from then on, all of those ninos had my heart! No question! When I was feeding one of the newborns named one of the volunteers was telling me how a lot of these kids where abandoned. Diego for example was found in storage unit, one of the other babies Micaela was found in an abandoned forest in a bush. When I was hearing these stories, I couldn't stop myself from crying. These kids are angels and it breaks my hear that they don't have a home! From that day on I made a promise that I would give all the love I had to those kids! And I did and it was so great!! It is crazy how attached you can get even if you are only there for a month!

One of the best memories that I had was when I would walk in and one of the little girls, Rosa would call me Mamma. She would always run up to me and yell mammaaaaa!! Did she mean it? I don't know but it made me realize how grateful I am to have a family and a Mom, it made me so sad to know that these kids don't have a family to go to, they don't have that one person to love them 24/7... yes there are the volunteers but the issue is... we come and go... we can't stay forever!! If I had the choice would I stay there forever? YEAH! I miss my little boy Chino's blank stare... if I show you a pic you would understand what I am talking about!

My life was forever changed! I could go on for pages and pages about how amazing it was! Those little ninos changed my life forever! They will always have my heart!! I miss walking into the salas in the morning and yelling "HOLA!" and seeing how happy that got! I miss just holding them if one of them is sad, I miss just playing with them, I miss their besos (kisses) and their hugs!! I miss the workers there! I miss taking the kids on walks and having their little hand wrapped around my finger, I miss how all of them walk and ask for agua with the sweetest voice! Something about them makes you so happy and right when you see them it puts the biggest smile on your face!!

Not only do I miss the orphanage I miss the house that I stayed with all of the wonderful friends I made. I miss the walks to get chocolate Pon or to Red Hot Chili Peppers or to the Artisian, or taking the Nino's on the field trip. I miss staying up till 2 in the morning being slap happy and watching movies! I miss the Amazon!! To sum it up... let's just say I miss everything!!

If someone asked me to go back there would I go?!....

the beautiful city!

some of the ninos on their stroll to the park!

the classic chino face... somewhat

miss these people so much! so great!