Sunday, November 7, 2010

things that I have been loving in this wonderful season....







fall is true bliss


One of my favorite seasons!! I just love everything about it. The leaves turning beautiful orange colors, the leaves falling, the crunching of the leaves. The clothes for fall season, the weather, halloween into thanksgiving, and getting ready for christmas. PUMPKIN ANYTHING... especially pumpkin ice cream! YUMMM!! I love addy... scratch that. :) Fall is a happy time, makes me happy, makes everyone else happy! GREAT SEASON. October has been a fun month, just hanging out with the roomies, abby, camille, blaire, and mare! Can't believe it is already November. So excited for thanksgiving dinner and seeing the familia, I have missed them so much. This month I have officially decide I am going to Ecuador to Volunteer at an orphanage and I have never been more excited. It is going to be a great experience and this spring seems like a perfect time to go. Swimming might be a little rough when I get back but I will hopefully be back in shape before season starts. Anyways, got off topic... okkk so October, what else happened in October.... really just school, swimming, and had a great halloween with the roomies.... two words... SPICE WORLD. HOLLA! Fun little adventures with Abby and Camille are always the best too, we had fun filled times this month. 80s dancing. Yup. Great fun! I have been loving the clothes for fall and have been wanting to buy everything in the stores, BUT being a poor college student isn't really ideal for a shopping spree right now. Bummer. Excited for christmas time. November is going to be a great month, already started out great witha great travel trip with the team to San Diego and Vegas, then Long beach in two weeks than homeward bound for a couple dayss!! YAY! wow everything is going by so quick, bittersweet? Loving life right now, keep it comin!

Here is what we were for Halloween. SO LEGIT we know!