Tuesday, March 29, 2011

living the legit college life

I have realized something the past couple weeks..... living the "real" college life is actually pretty legit!! The staying up late... having your ENTIRE day to do really anything you want.... and no stressing about the amount of sleep you get. Don't get me wrong, I love being a college athlete! But it for sure has its pros and cons.... the pros.... well I know I would never get my school work done if it wasn't for having a schedule with practice times. I am in shape all the time and can eat whatever I want have an excuse to always be tired and not dress nice and not go to class at times. The cons... don't stress about going to bed early for practice in the morning, sleep in, not having your hair wet ALL the time, and not having my natural perfume smell like chlorine... oh and actually have a LIFE. The two weeks I have had off from swimming have been the best! I have actually been staying up past midnight every night and have actually been able to have a social life and I have my whole day to do whatever I want! I can actual do physical activity without being completely exhausted and worrying about tiring myself out for practice. It has been so great! It actually gave me a glimpse of how life is going to be after swimming. Wow! So sad to think about that! At the same time, since I have had these couple weeks off, it has made me realize how swimming is such a major part of my life, by the end of the second week, I was ready to get back in the water.... I know I am already regretting saying those words. It is just so funny to me that when I am in season, all I can think about is that two week break and how awesome it will be to not swim but once you think about that break you start to miss it. Crazy how that works!! Not gonna lie though.... I have been loving actually being an actual college student having my social life back!! :)