Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ok.... so I know that I am for sure not a bookworm by any means!! But my friend abby lloyd and I told ourselves that we would become bookworms over the summer so it will make us feel smarter! :) So I finished one book... (Dear John) I actually finished it pretty quickly but I can't seem to get myself back into another book again!! I just can't get in the mindset of sitting down and reading a book! My mind starts to wander and I really can't focus and if I do start reading I forgot what I read! HELP! Why is it so hard for me! I honestly want to read just for fun but it seems like a challenge for me! So hopefully I get better! I am starting to reread Eclipse again because the movie is coming out soon so I need to refresh my mind... I guess thats a start?!! Oh well we will see! Hopefully I can keep it up! I really want to start making it a hobby!


  1. read hunger games. you will never stop. i hate reading, i never read... this book: better than twilight and harry potter together
    p.s. i love you

  2. yeah i read hunger games and it's good lond! yaaaay i figured out how to follow you! ha