Tuesday, June 22, 2010

starting off

I was just on facebook and I have been noticing that many people are starting blogs and I think it is a great idea to start one to keep track of my life and with people I can't really stay in touch with...this could help!! This blog will be following me growing up throughout college! "Leaving Neverland" I thought was a good title because I have never wanted to grow up I have always just wanted to stay forever young and be stress free and not worry about the adult things. Well it is time to face the facts... I am an adult so it is now time for me to leave Neverland and become an adult!! No more being a kid...crazy I know! I have to start facing the facts of figuring out what I am going to be doing job wise... making sure that my major is a good fit for me.... ma keep swimming and grades on my top priority list..... staying close to family since I am not living at home anymore.... making friendships that will last a lifetime.... finding your best friend and the love of your life aka the person that you will be with me forever! This time in my life is when I need to take these things very seriously and no more just throwing them off to the side. These are the things that matter! Of course the people that know me know that I love to have fun and that will never change.... this is just following me growing within the next couple of years from a kid to a (somewhat) of an adult! Sooo... here it goes.... enjoy.... THIS SHOULD BE FUN!!! Real world...here I come! :)

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