Thursday, February 3, 2011


So lately I have been on this little kick of watching the show "Friends" whenever I have had free time. I got all of the seasons for christmas and my roommates and I at christmas training watched it seriously whenever we were not swimming!

I have come to realize that this is seriously the best show ever!! I watch every episode and I will not stop laughing! It seriously makes me so sad that this amazing show had to end! All of the characters are so unique and have their since of humor in different ways. Joey is just super dumb but acts like a little kid. Phoebe (my favorite character) is just a free spirit and says whatever she wants. Rachel, very pretty but has a sassy personality. Ross (Rachel and Ross are so cute!!) is a huge nerd and awkward which is one the best senses of humor in my book. Chandler, who's humor is being super sarcastic, which makes him one of the funniest people on the show. And Monica, who is obsessed with cleaning and her competitiveness makes her character super funny. Sometimes I feel like I know them as real people....ok a little over dramatic.... but I really do get into the show! I do love a lot of shows but this one will always love more than any other show NO MATTER WHAT!

Miss you Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey!! :) Ok this is a little dumb I know! Can't help it!!

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